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An Alternative to “Brain Drain”

So many of us have been turned on to journaling or “Morning Pages”. While I have found much personal success with the Morning Pages, the biggest complaint I hear about these activities is that they devolve into a to-do list … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Wants to Understand their Dreams

Sometimes my work is misinterpreted as being able to see into the future. That is not what I do. What I do is give people back that “missing piece” of their own common sense. When we find ourselves running around … Continue reading

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Symbols: Then and Now

While symbol catalogs are a wonderful, I liken them to the alphabet. They are key to writing the message, but they are not the message.  For instance, I have several clients who dream of driving cars. Look this up as … Continue reading

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The Symbol of Water Always Means . . .

  In dreams, symbols are both universal and personal. Two people dreaming the same symbol do not dream of the same thing. Take the situation of two dreamers who both dreamed of natural disasters. First, they each reacted quite differently. … Continue reading

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