Symbols: Then and Now

While symbol catalogs are a wonderful, I liken them to the alphabet. They are key to writing the message, but they are not the message.  For instance, I have several clients who dream of driving cars. Look this up as a symbol:

“To dream about driving a car indicates your will to succeed, your determination, and your talents for moving from one aspect of your life to a different one. You should consider how rough or smooth the ride in this car is. It also depends whether you are the driver or just along for the ride. This will represent your role in life as either a participant or an observer. If you are in the backseat, this represents your low self-image and that you are allowing those around you to take control of your direction. You need to evaluate your self-esteem issues. This dream represents the level at which you are dependent upon others and the amount of direction you maintain within your own life.”

Now consider the fact that a car wasn’t a symbol at all 200 years ago! Maybe people dreamt about riding horses back then? Look up horses as a symbol today, and they convey sensuality not personal navigation. All angles of the symbol must be considered along with its context within the dream as well as the dreamer’s current life situation.

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