The Symbol of Water Always Means . . .

Photo of decorative water fountain mid-stream

Water Fountain Downtown


In dreams, symbols are both universal and personal. Two people dreaming the same symbol do not dream of the same thing. Take the situation of two dreamers who both dreamed of natural disasters. First, they each reacted quite differently. The first person was very, very frightened, while the second person took it casually and thought they were just picking up scenes from the news. As it turned out, the first person – after a full interpretation and interview was conducted – chose the image of a natural disaster as a way to announce dramatic changes in their life, which were quite positive.  The second person chose a natural disaster to represent their worries in life, and – as it turned out – those worries were quite serious and real. Fortunately, after a complete interpretation, they saw how their fears were overriding the facts, and that worry was unnecessary.


If you want to know what I think water represents, I say it all depends on its form – is it a bath? a lake? a shower? in a glass? a tsunami? At its essence, I find water in dreams to be cleansing/purifying symbols. They can also denote creativity, sexuality or health. Again, a symbol never stands on its own. You must consider its context within the dream, and consider its form. Even if two people dream of two elements exactly the same way, the meaning is never the same. Dreaming is highly personal.

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