Not Everyone Wants to Understand their Dreams

Rely on what comes from within - not outside sources.

Sometimes my work is misinterpreted as being able to see into the future. That is not what I do. What I do is give people back that “missing piece” of their own common sense. When we find ourselves running around in circles with indecision, worry, or apathy we are ignoring our most enlightened part. Our wiser self knows why we are functioning in specific ways and offers opportunities for personal transformation. The question is: Do you want transformation? There is comfort in the familiar. People who are resistant to change are often resistant to authority. Our dream messages are not like that. They are sacred because they come from within. No fortune teller, no well-meaning relative, no doctor is telling you what is going on with you – you are! Once you’re able to tune into your most enlightened self, you will begin to take action. Action always alleviates anxiety.

About Doreen

Originally from Chicago, IL, Doreen now lives in Southern California. She coaches artists to live easier, happier lives, through transformational conversations, and she'll never give up her day job as a TV/Film actress.
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