About Doreen

Doreen Calderon was born and raised on the Southwest Side of Chicago, and lived most of her adult life on the North Side. She holds a BA from Columbia College, and an AA from LACC, having graduated with honors from both.

My Story

Tabby Cat and Doreen Calderon sleep together.

Kitty and Doreen Dream Together.My Story

From as early as five years old, I believed in the relevance of dreams. I would often describe my dreams to my sisters in intricate detail.  As a child, I loved school and always made straight A’s. More than academia, however, I loved the arts. Through the study of music and theatre I found beauty and transcendence. They also provided me with a place for personal collaboration. In high school, I had an unexpected spiritual shift. My only non-Catholic friend gave me a small paperback called Das Energi. It was very simple to read and very simple to understand. Essentially it spoke of every person’s Divinity, and how free choice really works. I wasn’t looking for a new belief system – I had identified with and practiced Catholicism my whole young life. At 17 years old, however, I was ready for this book. It said that the real Truth, Way and Life comes from within. Our dreams are our truth, and they come from within.

I knew I had a knack for understanding dreams, yet I dismissed it as something “other people” do. As an adult, I was surrounded by the New Age movement of the 80’s. I explored it vigorously, but always felt I was sifting through a lot of B.S.  I feared that interpreting dreams would be seen as an ego-based practice used to tell the future. Years later, I learned that it is not something I do, but rather it is a method I use to help others uncover what they are telling themselves via their subconscious.

Yes, I use my intuition during dream analysis, but I do not consider myself a psychic. I feel that my gift is in understanding an ancient language. Time and time again, clients confirm this process of “uncovering the missing piece”. My clients are seekers. They are people who want to know more about themselves. They feel something about a dream and can’t shake it. They are people who wish to relieve anxiety. They are people who know that their dreams are telling them something.

“Most, if not all, of our anxieties and fears are based on not knowing ourselves.”