Cellar Door Dreams is a dream analysis service, owned and operated by Doreen Calderon. Dreams are personal messages that unlock doors to deeper truths, so the purpose of this service is to guide individuals to their truth. See what past clients had to say.

Why Do We Dream?

Messages are given to us in our dreams. What we do with them can shift the course of our lives. Every time we dream, our Wisdom is speaking to us. On a very basic level, we are working out our stresses of the day. On a higher level, we are being instructed to take action. On its highest level, dreams are our direct communication with what is larger than ourselves.

Why choose Dream Analysis?

We live in a great time where our options for problem solving are abundant: counseling, psychoanalysis, life coaching, self-help books, on-line forums, 12-step programs, etc. Dream interpretation is simply another way to problem solve. Effective dream interpretation is more than just an encyclopedia of symbols. Symbols do not apply to everyone the same way. Dreams are very personal. They come from you, and are meant for you. Yes, there are those rare occasions when we dream of an important message for someone else, or of a future event, but they are rare. Dreams offer guidance, confidence, validation, encouragement, and most of all THE TRUTH.

How Do You Know When a Dream Interpretation is Correct?

During a session, I simply interpret what your Source, your Wisdom, is telling you. The best thing about this is that you never “wait for it to come true”. You will know it is true. You will know in an instant what is the truth, and you will leave with a renewed sense of personal understanding and empowerment. You will see what was missing. Oftentimes, someone will come to me frightened about a nightmare they had. I see nightmares as nothing more than urgent dreams. They scare you into listening to them! Dreams are such a gift. They tell us what we need to know in order to move forward.

The most difficult dreams for me to interpret are my own. I really, really have to work at it. My gift is to read others’ dreams. If we meet more than once, your your personal “style” of dreaming will be revealed. Your symbols will show up repeatedly. You will then be able to interpret your own dreams. You will learn to trust yourself.