The Dreaded Toilet

Last night I had a dream that I was putting something in the toilet. Flushing the ToiletUsually when we dream about toilets it’s about having to use them. Using a toilet in public can point to the need for privacy. There are countless scenarios and just as many different meanings. Actually putting something in the toilet represents a parting of the ways or a need to be rid of something. As I think about what I was putting down the toilet I was reminded of an upcoming change in my life. I said “Aha!- so that’s what that was about.” I saw parts of me (in symbols) around the toilet, and just as I put one in, another one magically appeared – I couldn’t keep up. I knew that in my waking life I felt that I needed to spend more time with that part of myself before I bid it farewell. Once again, my dream reminded me of something I had put on the back burner and forgot about.

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Originally from Chicago, IL, Doreen now lives in Southern California. She coaches artists to live easier, happier lives, through transformational conversations, and she'll never give up her day job as a TV/Film actress.
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