Asking for what you need

Questions in the desertLast night, before I went to sleep, I chose a very specific question to ask my dreaming self. I solidified it by writing it down in a notebook that I keep next to my bed. I have been unsure about certain decisions in life, and my friends suggested that perhaps I was spreading myself too thin. I only saw this as “doing everything I possible can in every area of my life in order to generate progress”.

My question was very simple:

“What must be my primary life focus right now?”

I had expected to write down my dream as soon as I woke up. Instead, I carried a simple three-note melody in my head (over and over), and couldn’t remember a single detail. I did, however, remember that I only dreamt about one thing – the answer to my question. I knew that my entire dream(s) last night was about only one area in my life. Nothing more. I found my answer.

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Originally from Chicago, IL, Doreen now lives in Southern California. She coaches artists to live easier, happier lives, through transformational conversations, and she'll never give up her day job as a TV/Film actress.
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