Give Yourself a Gift

When we are going through difficult times that require important life decisions our dreams often get . . . crazy. We may remember them more often during this time. They may become more vivid and detailed. They may linger with us throughout the day. The usual mistake is to simply acknowledge that we’re under stress and attribute the wild dreams to that. This is missed opportunity. This is when we must look at deeper meaning more closely. Our higher sense of wisdom is banging on our front door. We must open the door, invite our wisdom in, and have a chat.

A client came to me crying for days, as she faced her 54th birthday. She told me how she dreamt of riding a lion while fighting off both a giant rat and a rabid dog. She thought that this was the most important part of the dream, and it frightened her. As we explored her other – not so exciting – parts of the dream, we found a beautiful message. Her inner wisdom confirmed that she was powerful enough to take on anything (the gnawing rat was her fear of aging and the rabid dog was her callous mate). Also, she did not need to be confrontational, because her dream then showed her a “back door” to safety and happiness that she forgot about. There were many other things in the dream that jogged her memory. She had forgotten about a lot of good stuff, which often happens when you’re under stress.

After she gave herself the gift of exploring her dreams, her breathing returned to normal, she smiled, and gentle tears of relief washed away her fears. Now she was able to see clearly, and have confidence in her decisions.

About Doreen

Originally from Chicago, IL, Doreen now lives in Southern California. She coaches artists to live easier, happier lives, through transformational conversations, and she'll never give up her day job as a TV/Film actress.
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