The Dreaming Body, Mind, and Spirit – they’re all connected.

I’m sure you’ve have a dream where you had to pee really badly, only to wake up and run to the bathroom! Maybe you dreamed you were being choked, only to find that your spouse’s arm fell across your neck. The body tells us important things as well.

Years ago, I had irregular menstrual cycles (as most women do), but I never had to worry about being caught off guard. About a day or two before I actually got my period, I would dream about it. Unfailingly. My body was communicating with my mind.

A client of mine had several dreams with different physical scenarios. The first dream told her she was breathing incorrectly, the second dream reminded her to take medicine (even though she wasn’t currently taking any) and the last one put her on notice about her teeth. A fourth dream brought a childhood friend to the forefront, someone she hadn’t seen in over 30 years. Upon waking, she looked up the old friend only to find that she had had breast cancer. Combined, the first three dreams urged her to check on her health, but it was the fourth dream that reached out beyond her own body, and collected information from someone very real. This was the one that got her attention. This is a perfect example of the the body communicating with the mind and the spirit.

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The Symbol of Water Always Means . . .

Photo of decorative water fountain mid-stream

Water Fountain Downtown


In dreams, symbols are both universal and personal. Two people dreaming the same symbol do not dream of the same thing. Take the situation of two dreamers who both dreamed of natural disasters. First, they each reacted quite differently. The first person was very, very frightened, while the second person took it casually and thought they were just picking up scenes from the news. As it turned out, the first person – after a full interpretation and interview was conducted – chose the image of a natural disaster as a way to announce dramatic changes in their life, which were quite positive.  The second person chose a natural disaster to represent their worries in life, and – as it turned out – those worries were quite serious and real. Fortunately, after a complete interpretation, they saw how their fears were overriding the facts, and that worry was unnecessary.


If you want to know what I think water represents, I say it all depends on its form – is it a bath? a lake? a shower? in a glass? a tsunami? At its essence, I find water in dreams to be cleansing/purifying symbols. They can also denote creativity, sexuality or health. Again, a symbol never stands on its own. You must consider its context within the dream, and consider its form. Even if two people dream of two elements exactly the same way, the meaning is never the same. Dreaming is highly personal.

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How Do You Know When a Dream Interpretation is Correct?

During a session, I do nothing more than interpret what your dream source is telling you. The best thing about this is that you will never have to “wait for it to come true”. You will know. You will know in an instant what is the truth, and you will leave with a renewed sense of personal understanding and empowerment. You will see what was missing. I will not tell you anything other than what the messages telling you. Often, someone will come to me frightened about a nightmare they had. I believe nightmares are nothing more than urgent dreams. They scare you into listening to them! Dreams are such a gift. They tell us what we need to know in order to move forward.

The most difficult dreams for me to interpret are my own. I really, really have to work at it. My gift is to read others’ dreams. If we meet regularly, you will begin to uncover your personal “style” of dreaming. Your symbols will begin to show themselves repeatedly. You will then be able to interpret your own dreams. You will learn to trust yourself.

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